Soft Dog Crates vs Metal

Soft Dog Crate vs Metal CrateCrates are used by pet owners today mostly for the safety of their pet as another valued member of the family. Added reasons may be as means of transport, as a management tool for house training a pup, or simply a comfortable den that serves as a dog’s special place.

Here is a thorough comparison of the two most practical solutions for every pet owner’s needs and purposes for having a crate, which would be the wired type and soft dog crates.

Wire Dog Crates

This crate primarily utilizes metal material and often built with a single door. Some have 2 or 3 entry points, can be folded down and have a removable plastic tray at the base, while some are affixed and do not have the said features.


– Your pooch is quite visible which makes it easy to take the cue whenever your pet needs to be taken out for potty time.

– Cleaning up after accidents is easier with a slide-out tray that you can wash off as needed.

– Wired crates are compatible with divider panels, allowing you to expand the living area in line with your puppy’s stage of growth. Therefore, you can invest on a bigger crate rather than get a small one and eventually have to buy a bigger crate.

– Ideal for car travel and perfect for dog shows and competitions where your pet can show off his or her beautiful form.

– Offers good ventilation without hindrances to the flow of air, especially for long-haired dogs and during hot weather.

– Metal crates are very strong and durable, which you can expect to last long.


-Though most can be folded down, storage and fitting into your car for travel might still pose a problem due to its weight and measurements, depending on the size.

-The wired environment can make any dog feel too exposed and wary of what’s going on in his surroundings and can be more inclined to whine in such circumstances. Putting a cover or cloth may be necessary to make your pet feel more secure.

-If you live in a place with a colder climate, the wired type offers the least shelter ample enough to keep your dog comfortable.

-Looks more like a cage, and is one of the easiest for a Houdini dog to escape from.

-The metal tends to be noisy when you have a pet who’s always excited and energetic constantly moving about in the crate.

Soft Dog Crates

Soft-sided, walled, or cloth crates are best for dog lovers who simply do not want a crate that looks like a cage. Soft dog crates look highly attractive, arriving in stylish and colorful forms which makes it a lot less intimidating for pets.


– The lightest of all crate styles given its soft material like cloth or nylon, which makes it extremely portable. Big or small, it remains compact for transport and storing when not in use.

– Soft dog crates can be completely collapsed in seconds, even packed into a convenient bag and carried around with ease.

– It’s perfect for travel purposes and bringing along trips that can make your dog feel at home and provide much-needed temporary shelter.

– Soft-sided crates elicit a sense of privacy, provides safety and security and gives utmost comfort to your pet.

– The mesh windows allow a good flow of air and proper ventilation, which you can control by rolling up the windows or covering up depending on the weather.

– High-quality types exhibit softness yet is made durable and long-lasting with the best parts utilized in manufacturing.

– Some think cleaning up may be an issue, but most soft type materials are machine washable and even have extra mats or beddings that can be changed regularly for proper hygiene.

– The best soft dog crates have added features like water-resistant material, odor-busting characteristics, pockets for toys and treats, which all together keep your dog fresh and happy with his or her cozy place.


– They can be damaged by dogs who are prone to destructive chewing and scratching.

– Some might be able to find their way out through certain behaviors as previously mentioned.

In searching for the right crate, there is always the best choice for every dog and every situation. One that would perfectly match your four-legged pal’s size, behavior, strength, and preferences which would make both of you happy you ended up with that kind of crate.