How to Fold Soft Dog Crate

How to Fold Soft Dog CrateA soft dog crate is one of the greatest pet inventions. It keeps the dog comfortable and it is very easy to carry. This is because it is easily collapsible and very light. The soft dog crate is a great way to hold young dogs that might get uncomfortable sitting in a metal cage.

The first step to folding a soft dog crate is to identify the collapsible points. Because they are so lightweight, most manufacturers have been able to come up with their own unique designs. Thus, the process will involve some particular points it can be folded at.

Most soft dog crates come with a metallic frame or one made of fiberglass. At certain points along the frame, the bars can collapse in on themselves. One simply needs to push on these points and they fold in on themselves.

The sidebars should be the first to be pushed in a typical crate. Before doing so, one needs to unscrew some sidebars that have a screw mechanism. This is what keeps the crate from collapsing if the pet gets fidgety in the crate.

The next step would be to push in the entire side paneling towards the middle. These panels are designed to lie in on each other. Best of all, nothing has to be removed from the crate. As a result, there is little chance of anything getting lost.

The soft dog cage also comes with some straps, which have secure locks for stability during travel. One only needs to secure these latches and use the straps to carry the cage. This is a convenient way to keep the dog comfortable on long trips.

Things to Remember

For one, make sure to buy the right size of the cage. It might be tempting to buy a compact one due to price; however, it could end up being very uncomfortable for the dog. Do a bit of research to determine the best size.

Never go for cheaply built cages. The soft dog crate technology has seen many pranksters come in with cheaply built crates. A good crate should be made of sturdy material that can withstand the harshness of nature.

If the dog does not like it, do not force it. This is a common mistake by dog owns, who want to force their will on their dog; if the dog is genuinely distressed, there is a chance it will want out. The cage is not strong enough to withstand the strong bite force of some large breeds.

This crate is best used for indoor purposes and during some travel. However, I would not be the best crate for a dog show for instance. If one meets other aggressive dogs there, they could rip through the cage and attack the pet dog.

One should avoid leaving the cage outdoors, especially in the sun. Due to its use of fabrics, this cage is likely to get very hot, especially in summer. As a result, it is best used in air-conditioned environments such as a car or home.

This cage works best for quite dogs that love to sleep. Every owner knows what kind of character his or her dog has. This would be a great way to improve its comfort if it loves quiet instead of putting it in a menacing wire mesh cage.

When folding down the dog crate, take extra caution. It can lead to some seriously injured fingers. The crate collapses tightly and a badly placed finger could get pinched. It is best to keep children at some distance when folding the crate.

Look for a padded crate, it raises the pets comfort. This is an awesome way to increase the pet’s comfort. However, remember that the padding will need to be cleaned in case the dog makes a mess.

Never leave the pet unsupervised for too long. If the dog requires going for a break and it cannot get out, it could get very frustrated. In the process of tearing out of the cage, it could harm itself badly.


Always remember to familiarize the dog with the crate first. The dog should not be shoved in without warning. Place the crate close to the dog until it gets used to it.