Best Dog Crate Mats for Chewers – Guide and Reviews

If you have a pet at home then, you must have to take care of it. Similarly, dogs are the animals that attach to the human quickly. For their comfort, you need to set their cage or bed with durable and comfy materials.

Whenever dogs are missing their master or feeling any discomfort in the cage, they start chewing the crate mat. For this purpose, I am going to tell you some of the best dog crate mats for chewers. Your pet will enjoy playing and sleeping in it easily.

So, let’s move to the list without any wait.

Orthopedic 4″ Dog Crate Pad by Big Barker

Orthopedic Dog Crate Pad by Big Barker

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I am going to start the list with the first orthopedic foam manufactured by the Big Barker. To keep your pet comfy in the cage this foam is providing so many benefits. It has the perfect size to fit in the cage to keep your dog easy in the cage.

Below, I am going to enlist its prime features to enhance your knowledge regarding this crate mat.

Heat Resistant

Moreover, the crate pads that give out heat are very bad for the comfort of the pet. But this orthopedic foam can resist heat and provides a cool sense to the dogs to keep them pleasing while sitting or sleeping in this crate mat. Without warming the dogs in the summer, this pad keeps them cool in the cage.

Reliable Pick

Along with durable construction and enough size, it provides comfort to the pet. It is not very hard that will hurt the dogs but it has a durable construction. It is not easy to tear easily, that if the chewers chew the mat, it will not damage.


Without any stress, you can easily wash it in the washing machine. It has a sponge in its construction and quality nylon fabric to resist any change in its structure. After washing the machine you can keep it back in the cage easily.


  • Durable construction
  • Comfort with soft foam
  • Easy to wash
  • Heat-resisting crate


  • Expensive for budget

K9 Ballistics Tough Dog Crate Pad – Durable and Waterproof Dog Crate Beds

K9 Ballistics Tough Dog Crate Pad

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Next on the list is another remarkable crate pad for the ease and rest of your pet dogs. Are you sick of changing the mats of your dog’s crate and looking for the chew-proof dog crate mat? Then stop here and relax, you have reached the exact spot to have this type of mat.

This K9 Ballistics pad is durable and comfy for dogs with so many advantages. Let’s move down to know more.

Indestructible Construction

Ultimately, animals have sharp and long claws so while playing they can scratch the surface of the crate mats. So, that you need the best mat that can cope with scratches. Similarly, this K9 crate pad has indestructible construction to cope with these tough situations.

On the flip side, dogs have a habit to chew the crate pad when they are missing their master or are getting frustrated. If you have designed the bed of your pet with this pad then there would be no holes in its structure due to chewing and it will not damage.

Easy to Wash

There are several mats in the markets that can be damaged if you wash them in the washing machine. But in the case of this crate mat, you can easily wash it in the machine that its surface and design will not damage. All this is due to its indestructible construction.

Perfect Size

Moreover, it is the extra-large size of the mat that can be easy to fit in the standard size of the dog’s cage. Without any piling in the cage, you can easily adjust it on the lower surface of the dog’s room. Due to its adjustable size, the dog will stay cool and calm in the cage for a long time.


Also, this brand is offering a warranty for 120 days. That if the crate pad has torn out before the 120 days then you can return it and get your money back. But the brand claims that the material used in its construction is durable so the crate mat will last for a long time.


  • The soft filling inside the pad
  • Easy to wash in the machine
  • Comfortable for the pets
  • 120 days warranty


  • The cover is hard that’s why it damages

goDog Bed Bubble Bolster with Chew Guard Technology

goDog Bed Bubble Bolster with Chew Guard Technology

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If you are a pet lover then you must be taking care of your pet like humans in your home. When it comes to dogs, then you need high-quality chew crate mats for them. The goDog bed is one of the best beds for chewers with heavy-duty structuring.

It has several benefits for your pet dogs so, let’s scroll down to catch more information about this remarkable bed.

Amazing Structuring

For prolonged use, the crate mats must be constructed amazingly to ensure durability. Also, the design of the crate mat matters a lot for the maximum rest of the pet in the cage. Both of these benefits are available in this goDog bed.

Its sides are durable with the filling of the flexible material to resist chewing. Due to these bolster sides, the bed is not easy to tear. The edges will not damage after a short time. With a soft snoozing effect, it is playable for pets.

Easy to clean

If you cannot wash it by hand then without taking any stress, you can easily wash it in the machine. Its inner and outer material is durable enough that it will get no scratches on its surface after washing in the machine.

Durability with Reinforced Seams

On the other side, the crate mat has flexible construction to provide comfort to the dog while sitting in it. The reinforced seams in this bed are useful to resist scratches and the fluffy surface comes to its place back after a short time.

Comfortable Maneuver

It is easy to carry anywhere. For instance, if you are going out and want to keep your pet with you, then keep this crate mat on the car seat and travel with your pet easily. This pad has amazing construction that it will not skid and stick to its place for a long time.


  • Sturdy and flexible construction
  • Amazing and useful design
  • Easy to afford
  • No skidding while sitting in it


  • Warranty is too short

Slumber Pet Heavy Duty Chew Resistant Crate Mats

Slumber Pet Heavy Duty Chew Resistant Crate Mats

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Moving to the next is another outstanding crate mat for dogs named the Slumber pet mats. At an affordable price, this crate mat is bolting with amazing characters to make your pet comfy. It will not produce heat in the summers to irritate the pet in the cage.

Let’s check out why I am recommending this crate mat to you.

Well-Designed Crate Mat

The crate mat should be designed in a manner that if dogs chew then in frustration, it will not damage. Similarly, this crate pad is chew-resistant to cope with the anger of the dogs. There are several lines are designed on its surface that enhances its elegance.

Due to its sleek design, the dogs will attract and stay cool and restful. It has polyester filling in it to provide softness to the dogs when they are sleeping in the night. Moreover, its surface can cope with water and heat also.

Heat Repellent

Due to its quality construction, it does not catch heat in the summer. That’s why the pet can easily sit in its cage in a cool environment. Without creating any hotness in the cage, it will decrease the body temperature of the dogs and keep them comfy.


Without paying any huge amount for a restful product, you can have this comfy product at a very reasonable price. Along with so many benefits, it would be a great pick for pet lovers to ease their pets in the cage or out of the cage.

Convenient to Clean

You do not have to use any rocket science or any sort of special cleaning agent to clean this crate. With some detergent and clean water, you can wash it in the machine. After drying it, you can use it for indoor and outdoor use to provide rest to the dogs.


  • Eye-catching Design
  • Reasonable product
  • Easy to clean trash
  • Doesn’t provide any heat to the pets
  • Soft and comfortable


  • Average construction for long term use

MidWest Homes for Pets Paradise Floral with Teflon Fabric Protector

MidWest Homes for Pets Paradise Floral with Teflon Fabric Protector

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Another product for providing ease to your pets is the MidWest Homes. These homes are of top quality with protected sides to keep your pet protected from the edges of the cage. With chew-proof promise, these homes are the exclusive pick for the dogs.

I am going to enlist its significant attributes to enhance your knowledge about these homes.

Attractive Design

If I talk about its construction and design then it is mind-blowing. All the sides, edges, and lower surfaces are durably stitched for the comfort of the dogs and puppies. Its unique thing is its sides and corners that not any other brand is manufacturing.

The inner stitching lines are enhancing its beauty and attracting their customers to decorate the cages of their pets. To keep them protected from any injury of the cage, the sides or bolsters are useful. Along with rest, this bed will protect the dogs also.

Moisture Resistance

Another amazing thing about these homes its water-resistant quality. It has waterproof construction that if liquid dropped on it while drinking water or due to urination, it will not absorb it. You can easily clean using a clean cloth and then it will not produce any bad smell.

Healing Product

As it has a soft filling inside the home, so if your pet has any injury in muscles or anywhere in the body then it will provide rest to them. Due to this soft filling, the pet will not feel any toughness and stay snug in the soft home. It will heal their injury and reduce their pain also.

Easy to Adjust

These homes are not tough to adjust as they have a soft filling and adjustable shapes. Due to its fixed shape, you can easily adjust it in the cage of the dog and let the dog in. Without any extra piling in the cage, the cage is comfortable for the dog now.


  • Easy to attain on an affordable budget
  • Indestructible manufacturing to ensure durability
  • Lightweight and easy to adjust
  • Best for healing the injuries of the dogs


  • Can be somewhat slippery for outside use

K9 Ballistics Tough Orthopedic Dog Bed Indestructible & Chew Proof

K9 Ballistics Tough Orthopedic Dog Bed

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Moving towards the end of the article but here I have the second last but heavy-duty bed for the pet dogs. This is another product from the brand of the K9 ballistics with orthopedic foam to resist chew and water both. I am going to tell you some of its benefits to assure my recommendation.

So, let’s step forward to attain proper knowledge about this product.

Durable Bed

Before mentioning any other benefit, I will tell you about its quality construction. This K9 bed has a durable construction to resist the chew of the dogs. Due to its sturdy construction, the dogs cannot damage this crate mat with their teeth and claws.

With prolonged use, you can use this amazing bed for a long time without any change in its construction, design, and shape. It provides remarkable comfort to the pets and all this is due to its top-class construction to cope with any abrasive effect on the bed.


Water resistance is the topmost quality of this bed. If the bed absorbs water then it may smell after some time. But in the case of this crate mat, water will not get inside the bed but stays at the upper surface of the bed.

With the help of any cloth or towel, you can wipe out the water to resist any damage to the crate mat.

Quality Filling Inside

For providing extra comfort to the pets, this bed has durable and soft padding inside. Without eliminating any heat outside, this foam keeps the pet cool in the cage that’s why they will not get frustrated. This comfort can decrease their chewing also.

Effortless Cleaning

The size of the crate mat is large but it can be easily washed out in the machine. No need to use any extra cleaning agent to wash out the crate. With regular detergent and water, you can easily clean the stains and smell of the crate mat.


  • Simple design and convenient to adjust
  • Easy to clean in the machine
  • Soft and restful foam filling inside
  • Capable to resist water


  • Average construction

Slumber Pet Megaruff Indestructible Crate Pad

Slumber Pet Megaruff Indestructible Crate Pad

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So here, I am going to end this article with another excellent pick as the machine washable. I have another product of the Slumber pet brand with its top-notch features to ease your selection. It has enough size to adjust in the cage but it can be easy to keep out of the cage for the pet’s refreshment.

Let’s move to its tremendous features to satisfy your queries.

Polyester Filling

If you are putting the crate mat in the cage then it must have soft padding to keep the pets away from the hard manufacturing of the cage. Similarly, the bed is of quality filling of the polyester and resists water and heat both.

Durable Stitching

On the flip side, the stitching of the crate pad is also notable for the durability of the product. If the bed has no durable zippers and side stitching then chewing the bed will damage before the time. To cope with this issue, the bed has double stitching for ensuring its use for a long time.

Convenient to Clean

You can easily clean it by soaking it in the detergent. On the other side, you can also use a washing machine to wash out all the dirt and trash from the crate easily. It has durable construction so while washing it will not damage.

Comfortable Dog Crate Mat

For the healing purpose and the comfort of the pets, this bed is serving as the best. So, you should try it once to know its worth. In case of any injury to the bones and muscles, this bed will provide relief to the pets to reduce their pain.


  • Easy to wash without any discomfort
  • Comfortable for the pets
  • Simple but attractive design
  • Double stitching to endure chewing
  • Soft filling with heat resistant material


  • Chewing affects its construction

Buying Guide of Best Dog Crate Mats for Chewers

Before snapping out any kind of product you must some of its prime features. Without having information about the desired product, you may pick up the wrong product and waste your money on that product.

Buying guides are the best source to attain accurate knowledge about the desired product. Similarly, I am going to write the buying guide to tell you what are the main characters of the best dog crate mats for chewers?

So that, you will be well aware of its material and size before picking it.

Durable Manufacturing

First of all, you need to check out the material of the pad that it can last for a long time or not. If the inner material is soft and the outer covering is tough then it would damage in a very short time. When the dog lies or sits in the hard pad then the pad will ultimately be worn out due to tough weaving.

So, you should pick up the pad that is soft inside out equally as the indestructible crate pad.


Furthermore, the comfort zone of the pet is our priority. The inner filling of the crate pad should be heat resistant and heat repelling to keep the pet comfortable. The softness of the inside material is beneficial for healing the injuries of pets if any.

Easily Washable

As I have mentioned above, the mat should be waterproof so that, after washing it will not damage. The mat you are going to pick must be easy to wash with water and detergent. It would be more convenient if you pick up the mat that can be easily washed in the machine.

Size of the Crate

Along with durable construction, the size of the mat must be adjustable in the crate. Before picking up the mat you should know the measurements of the cage of your dog. See here Dog Crate Size Guide.


Meanwhile picking up the best crate pad for the dogs, you should take care of your budget along with an indestructible structure and eye-catching design, the crate pad must be affordable. It should not be too cheap with inferior quality and not too expensive to break your budget.


On the other hand, the mat should have an appropriate warranty in case of any damage before the time. If your mat has a long warranty then you can easily return the damaged product to the seller and claim your money back.


All in all, I have described the best dog carte mats for chewers in the above description of this article. I have discussed all the significant features of each product in detail to lower your worry about the best pick.

All the crates mats are classical but the Orthopedic 4 is my choice for its durable construction and waterproof quality.