How to Choose the Correct Size for Soft Dog Crate

How to Choose the Correct Size for Soft Dog CrateMany pet owners ultimately decide to get a soft dog crate among other options, such as the hard and inconvenient wire, plastic, or stylish yet impractical types. If you have likewise made this wise choice, then your primary goal must be to keep your best friend cozy, comfortable, and as happy as a dog can be!

To achieve this, you’d have to get one that will meet your dog’s needs and effectively serve the purpose you have for it. Hence, finding the best in the market can be a bit of a challenge to the most discerning dog lovers. There are indeed numerous options, but the distinction of getting the best soft dog crate lies in determining the most appropriate size.

Why Size Matters

A soft dog crate comes in many different forms, arriving in many attractive colors, designs, sizes, features, added accessories, the quality of materials used and their overall appearance. Out of the many things to be factored in when buying one for your pet, size can be regarded as the most critical aspect you just can’t overlook.

The ideal size plays an important role in the development of your pooch from adorable puppy days towards reaching optimal size in maturity. The best environment that encourages proper advancements and growth is having enough space to move about, which should be tailored to every single dog’s stage in life.

Determining the Right Size

The process of choosing a soft dog crate entails careful consideration of how big it should be. This applies to both measurements when setup or folded down, in terms of how spacious and roomy it is for your pet and how much space it occupies when not in use.

Measurements typically range from 16″-42″ long and a soft dog crate usually stands tall at 15″-28″ high. This pertains to sizes starting from the extra small crate to the largest available options. The smallest crates can carry the weight of small breeds weighing 15 pounds up, while the largest crates can comfortably hold large dog breeds that weigh up to a hundred pounds!

The size of a soft dog crate, when folded down, is also considered to eliminate hassles when putting away, and avoid encountering problems when in transport. This optimizes the portability, lightweight qualities, and ease of storage of the best soft dog crates.

Most importantly, the size of your pet at his or her current stage of growth is matched to the size of the crate. The size of your four-legged pal, whether small, medium or large, cute little puppy or adult dog and his or her breed is taken into account.

Keeping Up with Your Pup

Puppies grow quickly and good pet owners should constantly be observant if an upgrade is necessary. The soft dog crate should provide sufficient space for your pet to stand tall without bumping overhead, to circle around easily without hindrances, and lay on their side anytime with sheer comfort.

Getting the right soft dog crate size is almost a guarantee that you’ll be spending money on a valuable investment that can grow with your loyal companion. Moreover, it makes life easy for you as a pet owner, who truly wishes to provide the same to your most loved dog!