Best Soft Dog Crates in 2021 – Buyer’s Guide

Soft dog crates provide ultimate comfort, happiness, and the highest quality of life for your pet to your outright satisfaction, which surely makes it unbeatable! A companion for your loyal companion is what it is. A collapsible dog crate can be your dog’s partner wherever he or she goes, allowing for the feel of home anywhere you are. Now you may ask, why pick soft crates for dogs?

There are various types of dog crates, such as wired, plastic, aluminum, and wood, and if you were an adorable pup, what would you choose? Oh, I don’t think it’s an appealing thought to lie down on wires nor lay amidst hot, uncomfortable hard plastic. This and many other reasons make soft dog crates highly favored by many pet owners. Listed here are its benefits, what to consider when choosing one, and 5 highly recommended top collapsible dog crates you can ever give your pet.

Benefits of Soft Crates

Lightweight and conveniently portable, flexible, space saver, are only some of the many impressive qualities that makes soft dog crates ideal for any home. Aside from versatility, it exhibits ease of use as well as provide an ultra-comfortable special spot for your precious four-legged family member.

You may have a well-behaved pup with a calm temperament, or you could have a best friend that tends to get too excited, bursting with tons of energy, or maybe become scared and anxious at times. Whatever the case, rest assured that the best soft dog crate can handle the situation well while keeping your bow wow safe and secure.

Most are made of material that’s easy to clean and washable, making it both hygienic and cost-efficient. They come stylish and fashionable, arriving in various colors that enhance any environment. Soft crates are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

Choosing the Right Soft Crate

Choosing one primarily involves the cost, size, appearance, and the convenience it would bring you, but only next to comfort and optimal well being of your most loved pet. As the name implies, it is indeed soft and light, and may even come fancy in various fashionable styles, but don’t be fooled! Soft sided dog crate are built with the highest standards that render it durable and sturdy.

It is heavy duty in terms of serving its purpose well in line with all the features it presents, which benefits both you and your pooch. What matters most is that it delivers optimal comfort that makes both you and your pet happy, and help cultivate a more harmonious relationship. Even when left with the soft crate as the best choice, it can be baffling to choose among the many options you have, and so here are the top soft crates already handpicked from the rest, as they stand out to be the best!

Reviewing the Five Best Soft Dog Crates

5. Pet Gear Generation II Deluxe Portable Soft Crate

Pet Gear Generation II Deluxe Portable Soft Dog Crate

This attractive soft pet crate is fabricated from a robust internal steel tube frame so as to ensure durable and well-made design. The crate features an easy-to-push folding mechanism to fold this spacious product into its most compact form. It folds to a very small size and saves a lot of room while traveling. It is indeed very easy to set up and take down this crate.

The overall dimensions of this soft crate are perfect to hold pets up to 70 pounds. There are three top, front and side zippered doors designed on the crate where the largest side door is picture-perfect for an easy access. The cleaning of this crate is super-easy all thanks to its removable fleece pad and waterproof mat.

You can also carry your dog’s favorite toys, blankets and treats in the storage pouches given at top and side. This is a lightweight crate without any handles and is not meant to move with an animal inside. The ventilation inside the crate is great even with a relatively thick mesh. Your dog will love this soft crate because of its well-made and spacious design.

 4. 2PET Foldable Soft Sided Dog Crate

2PET Foldable Dog Crate

This collapsible dog crate is an ideal solution for all the pet-owners who are looking for a high-quality crate but don’t want to spend exorbitant prices for that. This premium soft crate is available in three different and amazing colors. So, it is not only a good-looking but economical dog crate as well.

Fold-a-crate is an innovative foldable carrier with a strong steel tube design. The removable cover of this product is fabricated from a 600d Oxford fabric which is durable and long-lasting. You can pick any of the four sizes according to the size and weight of your dog. Because the crate has wide windows on all the four walls of the crate, your dog will love taking a look around on its journey.

You can easily slip a treat or a loving pet inside through the door located on top of the crate. In fact, this is an amazing bag with carrying handles to take your smaller dogs and puppies securely inside it. This is the best soft dog crate for small dogs out there that will definitely thank you for this gift.

 3. Petnation Port-A-Crate Indoor/Outdoor Pet Home

Petnation Port-A-Crate Indoor-Outdoor Pet Home

This 36-inch port-a-crate is perfectly lightweight and portable dog crate for both indoor and outdoor usage. The extra-strong steel frame of this crate is packed with a sturdily woven mesh fabric that makes it ideal for all the pets up to 70 pounds.

This easy-to-store soft pet crate folds flat, sits nicely inside an SUV or car and makes it really impressive to be carried through the handles. You can effortlessly take off its cover and wash it for ensuring high hygiene level for your pet. This high-grade crate never shows wear and tear even after a constant and heavy-duty use.

The roomy and well-ventilated interior of the crate is very appealing for the dogs and they will love spending their time inside it. This crate is also great if your dog wants to take a nap on top of it.

The closing and opening of the crate is excellent and speaks a lot about its superb craftsmanship. The seams of the crate are deep enough so as to hold all the threads of the fabric in place. It is a great large soft crate for dogs!

 2. EliteField 3-Door Folding Soft-Sided Dog Crate

Elitefield Soft Dog Crate

If you are looking for a portable soft dog crate that is available in multiple sizes and colors EliteField is what you need. It is fabricated from a highly durable 600D fabric that makes sure your crate lasts long, looks stylish, and provides excellent ventilation.

Your dog can enter the crate conveniently because of its three mesh doors designed on the top, front and side. It is smartly engineered so as to allow proper sunlight and breathability inside. This lightweight crate is perfect for toting your pets around when traveling.

The large and zippered windows on this soft sided crate make it extremely easy for the dogs to peep a look outside. You can also keep talking to your loved one through its large meshed windows. This product is sturdy and impressively simple to set up or fold flat.

You can pick any of the sizes after measuring your dog properly so that it can play, stretch and stand inside the crate exceptionally well. You can also use its extra headroom for hanging your dog’s favorite toy. The steel frame is well-padded and ensures maximum comfort for your pet.

 1. Noz2Noz Sof Crate Indoor/Outdoor Pet Home

Noz2Noz Soft Crate

This crate for large dogs made with hard-wearing and tightly woven mesh fabric measures 36-inch. NozToNoz is a renowned manufacturer of this best soft dog crate and they are a popular choice among the experienced handlers as well.

Not only is this robust crate simple to assemble, it features a professional too. The strong construction of this crate promises durable and long-lasting product for your pets. There are numerous sizes made in this pet crate that supports specific weights of dogs.

You can unzip the extra openings provided at top and side to create a nice nest area for your dogs so that it doesn’t feel like trapped. This portable and light crate folds down simply and can be stored under a bed or in the trunk of your car easily.

Although there is a distinct smell that comes from this crate when it is unpacked, it fades away in few days when kept aside for a while in open. The strong stitching, robust steel and breathable mesh make up this amazing crate for all the dog owners who can’t travel without their pets.

This is the best dog crate that we highly recommend because it is always the top choice for all the professional dog training programs as well.

How to Buy the Best Soft-Sided Dog Crate

Now that you have a basic idea of the best products on the market, how then do you find the ideal one that suits your needs? Well, here are some essential tips on choosing the best crate that complements your needs.

Go for User-Friendly Crates – a good crate packs user-friendly features that make it easy for quick trips. In a nutshell, you should always go for a crate that has pouches to store all your pet’s accessories, a removable cover that is easy to wash, and a foldable frame preferably with a bag to carry the crate itself when need be. The main idea of owning a soft crate is to enhance portability.

Browse Through Amazon Consumer Reviews – you can always have a rough idea of what to expect by simply going through some of the customer reviews at reputable sites such as Amazon. Here, customers give honest and unbiased reviews of the prospective product and going through them will certainly help you choose the ideal crate you seek.

The Cost Factor – before buying any product, it is paramount to note that the most expensive brand is not always necessarily the best there is and vice versa, the cheapest is not always that bad. You obviously have a budget that you would like to stick to heading into your purchase, therefore, research on the options you have in your price range.


Soft dog crates are much more than accessories and more special than being your dog’s comfort zone. How often do fully enjoy a vacation or outdoor activity without worrying too much where your dog is or what that wet nose is up to? A soft crate grants you the gift of peace of mind and assurance that the safety of your dog is secured. The joy and contentment it yields to both you as a pet owner and your cherished dog truly prove that the best things in life are free!

Though the soft sided dog crate itself cannot be granted for free with costs and materials involved in the process of manufacturing it, you can certainly find one that has been built with your best interest in mind. A good product sees to it that providing what’s best for your dog is a number one priority, such as the top soft dog crates cited here. This makes your purchase worth every penny of your hard earned money, and maybe even priceless with all the goodness it brings today and many more great days to come!