Best Rolling Pet Carrier in 2020 – Buyer’s Guide

Traveling with pets can be stressful but with a reliable rolling pet carrier you will soon find your pets loves taking trips just as much as you!

When selecting a rolling carrier for dog or cat there are several factors to think about, you want to maximize your pets’ safety and comfort without sacrificing convenience for yourself. In this article, we’ve provided a range of 7 airline approved pet carriers with wheels suited to various pet sizes and travel styles.

The carrier you decide on will likely be airline approved, but for peace of mind, we recommend visiting Guaranteed on Board before purchasing to determine if the dimensions are approved by the airline you travel with.

How to Select The Best Pet Carrier With Wheels for Your Needs

Before purchasing a wheeled pet carrier you will need to ensure it is an appropriate size for your pet, we recommend selecting a carrier with a size based first on the measurements of your pet, then by their weight. It is vital to not exceed maximum weight limits when choosing a rolling pet carrier as your pet will not be safe if the carrier is not strong enough to support them.

To measure your pet; start with finding their length by measuring from where their collar sits, the nape of the neck, along their back to the base of the tail. To find their height you measure from the top of their shoulder down to the floor.

Once you have these dimensions, you can easily find a carrier that will hold your pet securely while giving them enough space to shift about and change positions comfortably. The height of the carrier should be a few inches taller than the height of your pet to allow them adequate space.

A great visual guide to test the fit of any carrier is to fold a blanket into the given dimensions and sit your pet on the blanket so you can assess the fit more clearly.

Ibiyaya 4 in 1 Pet Carrier on Wheels

Rolling Pet Carrier

First off, this rolling pet carrier puts safety above all else. Combining the functionality of a backpack, car seat, and roll along with the protection of an outer shell built of eco-friendly EVA foam. The foam used in the production of this dog carrier has tested for stress-crack resistance and submitted to the SGS quality test. The case itself is more enclosed that some of the other options on this list, which could be a bonus if your pet is anxious.

However, the mesh side panels and larger, perforated holes in the top and underside of this carrier ensure nothing is sacrificed in the way of ventilation. Additionally, this carrier has the option to completely remove one side without compromising the structure when lying down. Coupled with this, the machine washable, removable padding comes with the functionality to attach a diaper sheet, great for older pets or long journeys.

Another feature this model offers is the ability to completely remove the folding cart, creating added comfort when used as a backpack, shoulder bag, or tote. The removable folding cart is lightweight but durable. This carrier comes with an assembly manual for ease of assembly and can be quickly disassembled with the zipper, collapsing for storage when not in use.

KOPEKS Backpack Pet Travel Carrier with Double Wheels

KOPEKS Backpack Pet Travel Carrier with Double Wheels

This carrier is widely recognized as a budget-friendly option that saves you some cash without sacrificing your pet’s safety.

The smooth motion of the two-wheeled platform with 360 rotating wheels allows for swift maneuvering through airports and plane aisles, stores, shopping malls, etc. In addition, the wheels were created with extra stability and durability in mind and are made of high-quality polyurethane. The faux-wool padded interior sees to your pet’s comfort, while the padded exterior takes care of your comfort.

This carrier is designed with 3 different ways to carry; the options of telescoping handle, long strap handle as well as backpack straps provide rolling and carrying options, giving a variety of solutions for your preference and personal needs. The two large pockets provide adequate storage and are perfect for keeping your pet’s essentials close at hand.

The mesh panels throughout the carrier are made of 600D Oxford fabric, a durable, heavy-duty material which allows for ventilation and visibility.

Additionally, the telescopic handle, made of industrial-grade aluminum alloy rods, adds 21″ In height when fully extended.

Paws & Pals Rolling Backpack Travel Pet Carrier

Paws & Pals Rolling Backpack Travel Pet Carrier

This rolling pet carrier has versatility as the foundation of its design, converting from backpack to tote to car seat (which strap for attaching a seat belt) to roll-along with telescoping handle.

The mesh panels on the front and sides are made from extremely durable 600D polyester and, along with the rest of the case, can be removed and washed, an invaluable asset when pets are in the mix.

Moreover, the side panels can be zipped open and the front panel can be opened and secured halfway to allow more freedom of movement. This front panel, when opened fully, functions as a door, allowing for hassle-free loading and unloading. Inside there is a clip to attach collars so you don’t need to worry about your pet falling or jumping out while the panels are open.

This carrier features two side pockets for storage of smaller necessities such as waste bags and treats. As a roll-along carrier, the recessed duel wheels allow this ‘rolling backpack’ to travel smoothly, however, the wheels do not swivel so do not aide with rotation. At the same time, there is a mini stand on the bottom to stabilize the carrier when at rest.

The height of this carrier gives plenty of room for pets to sit upright. Of course, one feature that this carrier has above most others is the option to customize with a range of colors; pink, black, green, and blue.

Sherpa Airline Approved Pet Carrier With Wheels

Sherpa Airline Approved Pet Carrier With Wheels

One important thing to note about this model is that it is designed for pets lying down, meaning your pet might not be able to stand up. For some pets, this may not be an issue, so just bear your pets’ personality in mind when considering this carrier.

With that in mind, the wheels on this carrier are recessed which allows for an easy gliding motion but does not allow for rotation.

There is plenty of ventilation with mesh panels on four sides, three of which also have roll-up flaps for added privacy and security if your pet is anxious or if the weather takes a turn. Additionally, this rolling pet carrier has both top or side entry, both with locking zippers, and a seat belt strap to keep your pet secure. The convenient accessory pocket is large enough to fit any essentials you may need at a moment’s notice.

This is the only carrier on our list that does not offer a telescoping handle. However, the adjustable shoulder strap also converts into a padded pull handle. The newly added, removable travel bed has a washable faux wool liner and can easily be removed and replaced as need be.

Snoozer Roll Around

Snoozer Roll Around

This is another model that comes in several sizes and color options, so you can select the option that best fits your style and needs. Converting seamlessly from backpack to car seat and even to pet bed, this rolling pet carrier also has padding on the back to provide greater comfort for your pet when placed lying down. With that in mind, the mesh panels make up the majority of the surface area, providing superior ventilation to other models.

As with several other models, the Snoozer has the option to roll down the front panel and secure it halfway. Furthermore, the quilted detail on the side storage pockets adds an extra layer of fashion savvy-ness that other rolling pet carriers do not provide.

The multi-stage telescoping handle gives two heights for versatility and the backpack straps are well padded. The ability to easily remove the base plate makes this carrier more flexible when it comes to fitting under certain airline seats. With all that in mind, this rolling pet carrier makes for a solid choice.

Pet Gear I-GO2 Roller Backpack

Pet Gear I-GO2 Roller Backpack

This particular listing is for the extra-large plus traveler. There are several other models made by this company so you may find they provide another option that better suits your needs, but also bear in mind that not all models are approved for airline travel.

The I-G02 carrier is one of the larger options in this list. Nevertheless, just like most others, it can be converted from a rolling pet carrier to a backpack to a car seat or carried as a tote. As standard, it has an internal tether to attach to your pet’s harness to keep them secure.

The internal pad on this carrier is removable and washable, but it is made of a thin fleece. As the bottom of the carrier is hard, to support the weight, your pet may be more comfortable if you replace it with a thicker one.

Uniquely, this model has both interior and exterior pockets, allowing you to separately store the things you need always to hand and the things you need infrequently. Similar to other carriers, the mesh front panel can be partially rolled down and velcroed to the front of the carrier, allowing plenty of fresh air. The telescoping handle collapses into a recess in the carrier, just like on a suitcase, so it doesn’t stick out when not in use.

Gen7 Compact Roller Pet Carrier

Gen7 Compact Roller Pet Carrier

The Gen7 is lightweight and prioritizes compactness. In addition, with four wheels, this carrier rolls and rotates smoothly compared to its’ two-wheeled counterparts.

Notably, this carrier has been designed to tilt, rather than tip like other carriers on this list. This “Smart-level platform” feature means the base of the carrier remains flat, giving your pet a flat surface to rest on. Other carriers require you to tip the entire carrier in order to use the handle.

The telescoping handle collapses flush against the top of the carrier and there is padding between the casing and the backpack straps. In contrast, the straps themselves are not padded. This carrier has two small, zippered doors on the front.

This means you can open one door at a time to allow for extra airflow. However, having two separate doors means you lose the extra space provided by having one large door, making it a little trickier to get your pet in and out. Again, the interior safety tether prevents any would-be escapees.

This rolling pet carrier would be a good choice for frequent air travelers, less so for hiking and backpack use.


All pet carriers, just like our pets, come with unique perks and flaws that need to be considered when deciding on the right solution for your needs. If you and your pet are regular fliers, you’ll need something compact and airline friendly. If you love taking your furry family on hiking trips then your priorities will be something comfortable for both you and your pet.

Once you’ve found the right fit, a rolling pet carrier can take traveling with your from a traumatic experience to treasured memories. With all of this in mind, you will be well equipped to make the right choice for your family.